TheSEI Youth Leadership Coaching System is designed to specifically address the real world struggles that youth and teenagers encounter throughout their growth and development. These struggles include peer pressure, adolescence, low self esteem, puberty, power struggles, moodiness, hormone transitions and more. Therefore, TheSEI Youth Development Coaching System is a comprehensive program designed to help youth and teenagers reach their greatest potential, via the process of helping youth achieve life-long (enduring) self awareness, self confidence and self mastery.


TheSEI Empowerment and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, 
Coaches On and Covers A Wide-range of Topics. Here Are Just A Few:

  • I Want To Be Accepted By My Friends. But I Don’t Want To Disappoint My Parents (Effectively Managing Peer Pressure)

  • Developing Into A Leader, 
    Not A Follower

  • I Genuinely Like Myself- 
    Flaws and All

  • Making Responsible Choices, Not Popular Choices

  • Bullying Prevention 
    and Awareness

  • Does My Selection of Friends Help Me or Hurt Me

  • Establishing My Priorities 
    and Goals (Building A Successful Future)

  • My Talents, My Gifts and 
    My Passions. Becoming 
    The Best I Can Be

  • Positive Mentorship; I Need It (Building A Network of Positive and Supportive Mentors)

  • I Made A Big Mistake. I 
    Forgive Myself and Most of 
    All What Did I Learn
  • Fully Understanding Who I Am, Will Help Me Better Understand Where I Want To Go In 
    Life (Building Self Awareness, Self Value, Self Acceptance 
    and Self Confidence)

  • Breaking-out of My Shell 
    (I'm Unique, I'm Valuable 
    and I Am Somebody)

  • Teen Dating 
    (Learning To Interact Responsibly With 
    The Opposite Sex)
  • Help! I’m In a Tug-A-War 
    With My Parents and Siblings
    (Creating A Healthy Relationship With 
    My Parents and Siblings)

  • Effective Communication Skills (Public Speaking, 
    Writing and Overall 
    Communication Effectiveness)

  • Image Development and Refinement (Positive Youth Image and Dress Attire)

  • Handling School Stress (Learning Effective Time Management Practices)

  • Financial Education and Literacy (Learning How To Manage Money- At My Age)

  • Developing A Positive 
    Mental Attitude 
    (Effective Self Management)

  • Growing By Learning 
    (The Power of Reading)

  • Effective Goal-Setting, 
    Goal-Planning and 
    Goal Achievement