TheSEI Potential, Empowerment & Leadership- expert consultants and coaches are (also) topnotch keynote speakers who delivers timely and compelling keynote addresses, seminars and presentations.

TheSEI consultants and speakers, demonstrates an outstanding approach and fresh perspective to keynote addresses, speeches, seminars and presentations that always- informs, inspires, entertains and engage audiences. TheSEI expert consultants and speakers, facilitate keynote speeches and presentations for a wide-range of events including- conferences, conventions, company retreats, signature events, meetings and specialized workshops/seminars.

In addition, TheSEI keynote presentations are customized to fit the needs of each client and their audience-base and encompass a wide-range of topics, including but not limited to:

Authentic Leadership
Peak Potential & Peak Productivity
Empowerment & Personal Achievement
Professional & Career Development
Employee Motivation & Employee Engagement
Personal Development & Positive Psychology
Organizational Leadership & Organizational Health
Educational Leadership & Effectiveness
Cultural Competence & Valuing Unique Perspectives 
Youth Leadership Development

The Pitfalls of Excuses
Using Failure as A Productive Tool
The Fear Factor (An Illusion)
Turning Pain into Power
Maximizing Your Professional Brand and Your Unique Value Proposition
The Virtue of Work
Utilizing the Creative Thinking Process
Developing a Winning Attitude
The Power of Words
Lack of Motivation + Procrastination= A Rut
Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
Creating an Environment that Fosters Success
And Much More…..

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