More About THESEI

Kelly Simpson-Wasserman is a renowned human potential & leadership strategist, personal development expert, youth leadership training advocate and co-founder of The Success Empowerment Institute (THESEI). Spanning over 15 years- by researching, exercising, coaching and teaching well-tested practices, values, principles, systems and techniques, discovered through comprehensive research and actualized through her very own personal development journey, Kelly has formulated a plethora of personal development, peak potential, leadership and empowerment programs, designed to equip, energize, inspire and propel people, leaders, youth and organizations to reach their greatest potential.

 Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning, going to work and starting your day?
 Do you feel sluggish and unfulfilled 80% of the time?
 Are you discontented with the lack of progress you’re making in the important areas of your   life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions- then the next question you should ask yourself is- Are you truly living your life’s passions and purposes? Each and every one of us has been called (summoned) to the Universe for a specific assignment and for a specific purpose. None of us are here on planet earth by accident. Even at your job (your workplace), there is a job description that clearly outlines your job duties and professional purpose as a hired employee with your employer. So my question to you is- have you discovered what your passions and purposes are? If not, you’re simply existing and not fully living. The good news is that it’s never too late to begin engaging in your passions and effectively fulfilling your purposes or your life’s callings. You can start right now!

When you look at the overall context of life and as a citizen of the universe- you (automatically) have life responsibilities, whether you inherited them or you eagerly chose them because they were responsibility choices that you wanted for yourself. People in your life expect something from you. Thus, you have a purposed responsibility as a married spouse to your husband or wife, as an employee of a company to your boss and fellow colleagues, as a parent to your son or daughter, as a sibling to your brother or sister, as an entrepreneur to your clients and staff, as a student to your teacher and classmates and this scenario goes on-and-on as it relates to other areas of your life. However, to operate in each of these life functions successfully- they have to be managed in the context of a defined passion and purpose.

Most people have not clearly identified or defined their life’s passions, their life’s purposes or their life’s callings. Does this sound like you? If so, it’s time to do some soul searching. Take a pause, breathe in, slowly exhale out and ask yourself- What am I afraid of? Fear is a destiny robber and is the number one reason, why most people settle for life as usual, living an average mundane existence and never reaching their greatest potential in the most important areas of life. Believe me I know, because I was one of those people.

Fear, procrastination, slackness, worry and indecision are absolute character handicaps that must be conquered through the process of building (productive) character muscles, such as: building self-awareness, self value, courage and confidence. Achieving your life’s purposes, engaging in your life’s passions and creating a successful life cannot be accomplished if fear and slackness are the dominate forces controlling your decisions.

Living a successful life and fulfilling your life’s purposes, can only be done through the process of creating an insatiable desire to positively impact and serve others with your purposes and daily activating courage to do so. Success is the destination most people dream of reaching, but only few experience and enjoy. Hence, you might ask- What is success? Success is the progressive realization of achieving “purposed” goals and objectives, that trigger feelings of joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and providing meaningful service to others. Does this describe your current state of being? If not, remember- life is too short, not to fully be the greatest person you were designed to be.

Therefore, this is my personal invitation to you, to live your life with passion and a well-defined purpose. Make your time here on earth count! Make a deposit in the earth that will make the universe better today than it was yesterday; Make the decision to Be Bold; Be Courageous; Be Free; Be Purposeful. BE A GREATER YOU!

Kelly Simpson- Wasserman
Human Potential & Leadership Strategist