TheSEI Personal Development Coaching System is a comprehensive personal growth and achievement program that helps individuals break through self-debilitating barriers and limitations that they have unknowingly set for themselves.

In addition, TheSEI Empowerment and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, helps individuals and organizations identify their greatest untapped potential and employs a comprehensive behavioral workout strategy and growth plan of action, that successfully transitions them from where they are, to where they want to be.

TheSEI Empowerment and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, 
Coaches On and Covers A Wide-range of Topics. Here Are Just A Few:

  • Discovering and Defining 
    Your Life’s Purpose or 
    Your Life’s Call

  • Resolving Emotional 
    and Internal Conflicts

  • Building Productive 
    Character Muscles

  • Establishing Worthwhile Goals and Objectives (Goal-Setting)

  • The Art of Forgiveness

  • The Personal 
    Growth Action Plan

  • The Fear Factor (An Illusion)

  • Developing Genuine 
    Joy and Happiness

  • Using “Your Gift” To Add 
    Value Too People’s Lives

  • Harnessing Natural Motivation,
    Desire and Ambition

  • Using Failure As 
    A Productive Tool

  • Cultivating Wellness in The Mind, Body & Soul

  • Turning Pain Into Power

  • An Effective Time 
    Management System

  • Judge Yourself
    and Your Actions

  • Utilizing The Creative 
    Thinking Process

  • Talk Is Cheap, But 
    ACTIONS Speak Volumes

  • Developing A Winning Attitude

  • The Trial and Error Experience

  • Becoming A Responsible 
    Life Manager

  • The Pitfalls of Excuses

  • The Power of Words

  • Change Your Thinking, 
    Change Your Life

  • Procrastination= A Rut

  • Character Handicaps

  • Be Willing To Pay 
    The Price For Success

  • Becoming A 
    Disciplined Life Learner

  • Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

  • Integrity+ Honesty+ 
    Humility= Trust

  • Developing A 
    Healthy Self Image

  • Growing By Gaining Spiritual Insight, Inspiration and Enlightenment

  • Persistence + Determination= 
    A Powerful Weapon

  • Manners Still Matter

  • Becoming Better, Not Bitter

  • Overcoming Painful Experiences

  • Learning How To Live 
    From The Inside-out