organizationAL Effectiveness & Organizational Health


TheSEI Organizational Development Coaching System encourages institutions to invest in the growth of the people that are positioned to build their organizations. Therefore, TheSEI Organizational Development & Health System is a comprehensive curriculum, presented in the form of empowerment seminars, workshops and customized consulting programs- designed to enhance leadership development, teamwork effectiveness, team motivation & performance and strategic operational planning.

In addition, TheSEI Organizational Effectiveness Customized Consulting Programs and Seminar Sessions are designed to address teamwork, leadership and organizational health concerns within the context, challenges, issues and institutional goals that an organization is currently facing and striving towards.

TheSEI Empowerment and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, 
Coaches On and Covers A Wide-range of Topics. Here Are Just A Few:

  • Creating & Managing A Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Effective Organizational Planning, Development and Management
  • Employee Motivation 
    (Keeping Your Staff, Your Department and Your Professional Team Motivated and Engaged)
  • Authentic Leadership Development 

  • Educational Leadership: Student Recruitment, Development and Retention 

  • Maximizing Your Organizational Brand and Your Unique Value Proposition 

  • Teamwork Effectiveness

  • Peak Potential & Peak Productivity

  • Effective Leadership Communication & Application

  • Positive Psychology & Professional Development 

  • Diversity, Cultural Competence & Valuing Unique Perspectives
  • Key Organizational Initiatives: Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Creating An Environment That Fosters Success

  • Using Failure As A Productive Tool

  • The Virtue of Work 

  • Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities 
  • Lack of Motivation + Procrastination = A Rut

  • The Power of Words

  • Utilizing The Creative Thinking Process

  • Managing Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Overcoming Organizational Dysfunctions

  • The Pitfalls of Excuses

  • Enhance Employee 
    Morale At All Levels

  • Workforce Recruitment, Development & Retention

  • Organizational Branding & Positive Market Visibility

  • Organizational Conflict & Resolution

  • Swift and Effective Leadership Decision-making