Empowerment, Leadership and Maximize Productivity Coaching System

Behind every extraordinary person, organization, athlete, professional, championship team, executive, entertainer, corporate leader or entrepreneur- there lies a great coach.

TheSEI Empowerment, Leadership and Maximize Productivity Coaching System is designed to assist individuals and organizations build character muscles, behavior strengths, skill sets and performance techniques that consistently produce winning- successful outcomes and results. In addition, TheSEI Empowerment, Leadership and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, helps individuals and organizations identify their greatest untapped potential and employs a growth and developmental workout plan of action, that successfully transitions them from where they are, to where they want to be.


Please select an area of interest below:

Personal Development Coaching

TheSEI Personal Development Coaching System is a comprehensive personal growth and achievement program that helps individuals break through self-debilitating barriers and limitations that they have unknowingly set for themselves. In addition, TheSEI Personal Development Coaching System helps individuals achieve greater levels of self awareness, self discovery, self acceptance, self confidence and personal achievement.

Professional Development Coaching

TheSEI Professional Development Coaching System helps you bring your career to life. Regardless, of where you work, you are the CEO of Me Enterprises. Therefore, your career success or failure ultimately depends on your ability to effectively communicate, package, and promote your professional brand and your unique value proposition.


Peak Potential Coaching
The Success Empowerment Institute (TheSEI) Peak Performance Coaching Programs are based on the module that the mind, body and soul must work together and in (total) synergy before maximum output, execution and productivity can be fully achieved. Therefore, TheSEI’s Peak Performance (comprehensive) programs are designed to remove the mental, psychological, emotional and character blocks that hinder one’s peak- talent, work production and performance capabilities from naturally flowing and being developed to its highest potential.

Organizational Effectiveness & Organizational Health Coaching

TheSEI Organizational Effectiveness & Health Coaching System encourages institutions to invest in the growth of the people that are positioned to build their organizations. Therefore, TheSEI Organizational Development & Health System is a comprehensive curriculum, presented in the form of empowerment seminars, workshops and customized consulting programs- designed to enhance leadership development, teamwork effectiveness, team motivation & performance and strategic operational planning.


Youth Leadership Coaching

TheSEI Youth Leadership Coaching System is designed to specifically address the real world struggles that youth and teenagers encounter throughout their growth and development. These struggles include peer pressure, adolescence, low self esteem, puberty, power struggles, moodiness, hormone transitions and more. Therefore, TheSEI Youth Development Coaching System is a comprehensive program designed to help youth and teenagers reach their greatest potential, via the process of helping youth achieve life-long (enduring) self awareness, self confidence and self mastery.

One-On-One Empowerment & Leadership Coaching

One-On-One Empowerment & Leadership Coaching Programs are designed to meet your individual needs, set your specific developmental objectives and implement proven action strategies that will help you achieve your goals and that will be consistently measured by your professional empowerment coach. One-On-One Empowerment & Leadership Coaching Programs are very flexible, allowing you the liberty to set your own agenda and schedule. Consequently, with TheSEI One-On-One Empowerment & Leadership Coaching, individuals engage in a rewarding transformational experience that will help them achieve greater levels of success, achievement and fulfillment.

Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence Coaching

TheSEI Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence System helps clients create inclusive work environments, where people from all cultural backgrounds, genders, generational sectors and lifestyles are respected, included and valued. Therefore, TheSEI cultural competence expertise, focuses on helping clients find the practical application of diversity initiatives, practices, real human interaction, and communication in daily business operations.