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Just like the engine of an automobile- the mind, emotions and soul is the engine to a person’s total life existence. Consequently, if your engine is not functioning correctly, then your life or the results in your life will not function correctly. Everything hinges on the condition of your inner engine. That’s why Character Fitness is so important!

Character Fitness is an inner-building transforming behavioral regimen, comprised of a series of mental, emotional and spiritual developmental exercises, designed to help individuals build character muscles, behavior strengths, skill sets, performance patterns and self management practices- that consistently produce winning-successful results and outcomes- no matter what the circumstances or situations are!

Character Fitness diminishes the power of unproductive and negative character habits, such as: mental clutter, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, slackness, peer pressure, disorganization, laziness, lack of confidence, mental distractions, inferiority, procrastination and indecision. On the contrary, Character Fitness magnifies and strengthens the weight and power of (productive) character muscles and character habits such as: positive thinking, leadership, drive, focus/concentration, loyalty, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-value, goal-setting, courage, diligence, work performance, mental clarity, inner wholeness, peace, joy and self-mastery. Consequently, Character Fitness draws out a person’s full potential and teaches people how to live their most productive life and (hence) live from the inside-out.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace, people must be constantly learning, growing and improving to be successful and achieve their desired goals and objectives. Therefore, as human beings, we must constantly exercise our inner engine and consistently strengthen productive character muscles, so that our inner-force will propel us to operate at our highest and most powerful levels.

TheSEI Empowerment, Leadership & Character Fitness Customized Coaching Services Include:

 Adult Empowerment, Leadership & Character Fitness Coaching (Consulting)
 Youth Empowerment, Leadership & Character Fitness Coaching (Consulting)
 Corporate/ Business/ Organization-Wide Empowerment, Leadership & Character Fitness Coaching (Consulting)

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