The Success Empowerment Institute

is a global company that specializes in working with people, businesses, youth and organizations in the areas of: providing comprehensive (next-level) peak potential, peak productivity, personal leadership, professional development, personal achievement and organizational development-mastery, training, consulting and coaching...

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Coaching Areas

TheSEI Empowerment and Maximize Productivity Coaching System, Coaches On and Covers a Wide-range of Topics:

  • Discovering and Defining Your Life's Purpose or Your Life's Call
  • Resolving Emotional and Internal Conflicts
  • The Pitfalls of Excuses
  • Using Failure As A Productive Tool
  • Turning Pain Into Power
  • The Fear Factor (An Illusion)
  • Becoming A Responsible Life Manager
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
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  • Effective Organizational Planning, Development and Management
  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Employee Motivation (Keeping Your Staff, Your Department and Professional Team Motivated and Engaged)
  • Educational Leadership: Student Recruitment, Development and Retention
  • Maximizing Your Organizational Brand and Your Unique Value Proposition
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  • Developing Into A Leader, Not A Follower
  • Bullying Prevention and Awareness
  • Making Responsible Choices, Not Popular Choices
  • Breaking-out of My Shell (I'm Unique, I'm Valuable and I Am Somebody)
  • Does My Selection of Friends, Help Me or Hurt Me
  • Growing By Learning
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One-On-One Empowerment Coaching is designed to meet your individual needs, set your specific developmental objectives and implement proven action strategies that will help you achieve your goals and that will be consistently measured by your professional empowerment coach. One-On-One programs are very flexible, allowing you the liberty to set your own agenda and schedule.

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